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Do you need hybrid or fw woods or some combination of both?  Different golfers will perform better with different clubs, and the long game is critical to improving your game.

FW Woods:

While finding the correct shaft is critical for fitting fairway woods, finding that shaft isn't enough; we also need to determine both the correct type of fairway wood and the appropriate loft.



More and more golfers are using hybrids these days.  As their popularity has grown, the variety of head and shaft types has also grown. Getting fitted for a hybrid makes sure that these "rescue" clubs are as easy and forgiving to hit as possible.



Different course conditions require different wedges.  So do different swings. We make sure that you are getting the right wedges so that your short game is the best that it can be.  Do you know what the Bounce and Grind of your wedges are? Are they correct for your swing and the courses you play on?

TrackMan™ allows us to accurately measure spin rates from your wedges and makes it easier to choose the right wedges for you.  In addition, we can "gap" the wedges more efficiently to insure that you have the right scoring clubs in your bag to give you a better shot at the pin.


The most important club in your bag is your putter.  An average golfer will hit his or her driver 12-13 times in a round; they'll hit a 7-iron 15 times; a SW 14 times.  But, the average golfer will hit their putter 32 times a round!


You'll use your putter more than twice as often as any other club in the bag.  If you're using a club that often, it needs to match how you putt.


Putter fittings at The Golf Doctor are designed to help you to become a better putter.  We test you to make sure that your putter is the proper length, lie angle, loft, head type, grip size, and more.  When your putter fits you, it becomes easier to consistently make your putting stroke.  Consistency is a key ingredient in putting.  


Anyone can make a 4 foot putt.  The trick is to have the confidence that you can make them all.


Learning the game of Golf is hard enough without wondering if your clubs are too long or too short, or if the grips fit your hand size.  Come in for an Introductory Clubfitting to make sure that your new golf clubs meet your physical needs.  We can measure you to insure that any new clubs you buy start you off on the right path and provide you with a solid foundation to learn the fundamentals of the golf swing.  This session is primarily designed for Beginners who want to make sure that they are starting out with properly sized equipment.

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Club Fitting

At The Golf Doctor, we believe that to properly fit you for clubs, our goal is to provide you with golf clubs that out-perform your current clubs.    


We use the latest analysis equipment, including the newest TrackMan 4 launch monitor to collect data while monitoring your shots, but more importantly you can see what is actually happening and where your shots actually go.  When you hit golf balls with TrackMan, you get the confidence of knowing exactly where the ball is going, how fast, what the Spin Rate is, and so much more.


A clubfitting at The Golf Doctor is a comprehensive, performance based process that is designed to make sure that you have the optimal golf clubs for your game. The process has been developed and improved over 20 years, and insures that you get the best equipment that we can design.


At The Golf Doctor, we have over literally THOUSANDS of different test club combinations to insure that we can determine the proper shaft for you. Other so-called "fitting systems" give you few options even as they make you believe that you are being accurately fit. The Golf Doctor-DC will give you the best opportunity to improve your game.  


Looking at Multiple Fitting Sessions? Consider our Full Bag Fitting Option.  Individually, the multiple fitting sessions required for a Full Bag (Driver, Long Game, Irons, and Putter) costs up to $600.  However, the Full Bag Fitting offers a significant discount when you bundle the different sessions together into 2 separate sessions.  We recommend scheduling no more than 1 session on any given day and request that both sessions be completed within 45 days.

The Full Bag Price is $400 ($200 off the individual price of all 4 sessions).



Using the latest TrackMan™ 4 launch monitor and a comprehensive array of test equipment, The Golf Doctor-DC can fine tune your performance to allow you to get the most out of your Tee Shots.

By measuring the the precise details of the swing and the flight of the ball, TrackMan™ 4 allows us to accurately determineyour bakll flight and better fit you, so that you get maximum carry and roll from your drives.


The Driver fitting gives us the ability to match your swing with the appropriate shaft and clubhead to optimize your performance. We work with the most current clubs and shafts so that you get the best possible choice for your bag. At the conclusion of the fitting, you will have a driver that matches the optimal club characteristics for your swing.


While most of the time spent in any of the fittings is dedicated to shaft characteristics, a significant part of the iron fitting is determining the proper clubheads and set make-up for you.  Do you need offset or a wide sole?  A blade or an oversize cavity-back or something in between?  Some golfers carry a #2 iron; some won't carry anything longer than a #5 iron.  We take the time to make sure that you get the clubs that you need without getting stuck with clubs that you don't need or would find difficult to use.

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