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What happens after you get fitted for golf clubs? In most instances, the fitters take your information and phones or emails it off to some unidentified person that (hopefully) builds the clubs to match the specifications given. Maybe they take the time to get the requirements correct, maybe they don't. Maybe it was an assembly line system where 10 different people touch your clubs and none are accountable for mistakes.  In the end, you're at the mercy of whoever builds your clubs for you. The best fitting in the world is worthless if the clubs you end up playing with don't match the prescription you were given by your fitter.


At The Golf Doctor-DC you know exactly who is building your clubs because it's all done on site.  The Golf Doctor-DC has been certified by the Professional Clubmakers Society, and the Golf Clubmakers Association.


Need Alterations or Adjustments to your current clubs? The Golf Doctor-DC has a Full Service Build and Repair Shop allowing us to make any modifications you might need including:

           Golf Club Assembly - Reshafting - Regripping - Loft/Lie Adjustments - Wedge Grinding

Club Making

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