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Beginning in 2016, The Golf Doctor-DC, led by it's Co-Founder, Matt Grabowy, is bringing our expertise and technology to Washington, D.C.  Matt has been fitting and building golf clubs for players of all skill levels - from beginners to PGA Tour Winners - for over 20 years.


The Golf Doctor was originally founded in 1996, with the goal of promoting the use of properly fitted golf equipment among the golfing public. Our goal is to bring everyone a level of service previously available only to the professional golfer.


We maintain the highest professional standards in the industry, and have been certified by both the Professional Clubmaker's Society and the Golf Clubmaker's Association. 


In 2018, Matt Grabowy was named the International Clubmmaker of the Year by the International Clubmaker's Guild.  The Golf Doctor has been listed 5 times as a Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter, as well as the GCA International Clubmaker of the World and PCS Regional Clubmaker of the Year.

In 2019, Matt Grabowy was a founding member of TaylorMade Golf's National Fitters Council.

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