No matter what anyone else might say, you just cannot get equipment that properly fits your swing long distance.  Some things can ONLY be determined by actually having you hit test clubs.  A golfer's swing is as unique as a fingerprint!  So why would you let someone tell you that they can choose the right set of clubs for you when they've never even seen you hit a ball? Come in to The Golf Doctor-DC and let us help you the way that you deserve!

Book time to play or practice at The Golf Doctor DC! Use the state of the art Trackman Simulator and keep your game sharp in the off-season!

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Combining the most advanced technology and a comprehensive inventory of club options can fit you for the right clubs.  The Golf Doctor-DC gives you the opportunity to test all of the latest heads and shafts so that we can find the optimal golf club for you and your swing.


With over 22 years experience Fitting and Building golf clubs, Matt Grabowy has been recognized by Golf Digest as a Top 100 Clubfitter since 2011 and has been certified and recognized by numerous organizations including being named the 2018 Worldwide Clubmaker of the Year by the International ClubMaker's Guild. This knowledge and experience allows me to customize and build golf clubs to the most exacting standards in the industry. 




Do you already have clubs but want to upgrade to the latest technology? You can trade in your current clubs and apply the credit towards your new purchases.  Trade in prices meet or exceed online prices available elsewhere.  Click the button above for a real time quote.

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