Club Fitting

The Golf Doctor-DC

At The Golf Doctor, we believe that to properly fit you for clubs, our goal is to provide you with golf clubs that out-perform your current clubs.    


We use the latest analysis equipment, including the newest TrackMan 4 launch monitor to collect data while monitoring your shots, but more importantly you can see what is actually happening and where your shots actually go.  When you hit golf balls with TrackMan, you get the confidence of knowing exactly where the ball is going, how fast, what the Spin Rate is, and so much more.


A clubfitting at The Golf Doctor is a comprehensive, performance based process that is designed to make sure that you have the optimal golf clubs for your game. The process has been developed and improved over 20 years, and insures that you get the best equipment that we can design.


At The Golf Doctor, we have over literally THOUSANDS of different test club combinations to insure that we can determine the proper shaft for you. Other so-called "fitting systems" give you few options even as they make you believe that you are being accurately fit. The Golf Doctor-DC will give you the best opportunity to improve your game.  


The Golf Doctor offers the following fitting options (Click For More Information):


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